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ABRSM Jazz Syllabus

This page is all about PERFORMING the PIECES

There is a selection of full tutorials, performance examples, and shorts. 

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Las Vegas Tango - ABRSM Grade 1 Jazz Flute

Las Vegas Tango - ABRSM Grade 1 Jazz Flute

Performance analysis designed to help students embellish and improvise within the given material. There are two contrasting performances which are analysed at a grade appropriate level. Some of the background theory is explained, the performances are then shown again with on screen annotation. Related listening suggestions to help the student explore the style are given at the end. MORE VIDEOS Over the coming months (and probably years!) I shall be covering as many of the pieces as I can from the ABRSM jazz syllabuses for flute and sax. Please subscribe to the channel so you know when new videos are uploaded. REQUESTS If you have any requests for videos you'd like me to make - from any of the ABRSM Jazz Flute, Alto Sax or Tenor Sax grades - please do ask in the comments below. I can also make videos of the Alto syllabus on Britone or the Tenor syllabus on Soprano. Please be aware that these videos take a lot of time and effort to make so please be patient if you make a request and it doesn't appear immediately. I will do it as soon as I possibly can! Diane x 00:00 Introduction 00:31 Performance 1 01:51 Performance 2 03:08 HEAD Overview 04:21 HEAD Analysis 05:08 SOLO BREAK Overview 05:29 SOLO BREAK Analysis 06:43 SOLO Analysis 08:15 SOLO Theory 09:39 SOLO Matching The Accompaniment 10:26 HEAD CONTINUES Overview 10:45 HEAD CONTINUES Analysis 12:19 ANNOTATION Introduction 12:35 ANNOTATION Performance 1 13:54 ANNOTATION Performance 2 15:11 Recommended Listening 17:02 Ending @DianeArthurs