About Diane

Briefly; I love playing my tenor saxophone and flute.  I sing with local Big Band "Jay-Cee" and teach woodwind to those who wish to learn.

Married to fellow musician Paul, we run Cygnet Studios which hosts small rehearsals, recording sessions and tuition. (Woodwind and Drum Kit).   Paul is also a music Producer and I enjoy the occasional call to be the "house session" musician.

When not teaching in our studio, I visit local primary schools and work with individuals, small groups and whole classes.

In the evenings I relish every performance opportunity, be it rehearsal with the big band, gigs with various Jazz Quartets or just a jam session at venues in Cheltenham.

When not being a musician, tutor or performer; I garden in the sun and read when its raining.

White on Black line art DISAX logo.  Diane playing tenor saxophone